Well, well, well…What else should I tell you? Oh! Maybe you want to see what I’m hiding under this mask? Are you sure? It’s not interesting, nothing unusual. Well…I warned you that it might be boring.

Two years ago I wished to increase my hair lenght. That was unexpected desire. As for now my hair a little bit more than shoulder-length.

Previously my hair was chestnut color, but now it’s black. I dyed them. For what? To be honest, the color was my girlfriend’s choice, but it was my decision to dyed them.

I usually use an elastic band to grab my hair because if I don’t, my hair will spread over my face. But if you ask me, I want this hairstyle (look at the pic.).

And else I want to try dyed my hair into grey/ash/silver color. But I’m still think that color doesn’t suit me. Perhaps one day I will try it and than I will shave off all of my hair and go to the monastery :D (or army, it’s possible.)

As for the face, I’m a half-breed/blood (unfortunately not a prince)and I have narrow eyes and everything else is like a standard Russian man (as I think, but if it’s not true correct me, lmao).

So…do you think we got a little closer? Or not? Time will tell…Goodbye, stranger! Oh…Now you are not stranger, so…who are you? What’s under your mask? And I’m not about your face.

And then the God says: “You may steal human’s hearts” and then I stole yours