There’s no color that is easily dyed white.

Yuri Yazikov
2 min readFeb 28, 2021


Recently, I found one beautiful song. It’s name — Fairytail. The story about past lovers, who meet again in present.

They meet each other after a long time, but the guy notices the ring on the girl’s right hand. He asks her “Are you married?”. And the girl said that she bought it for herself. But the guy notices that she lied because of her habit to lightly touching the back of her ear when she’s lying.

Then she asks if he lives with someone, and the guy nodded. The girl tried to change the topic of the conversation, but the guy adds that it’s only a cat, because it’s lonely to be alone.

In the end of their conversetion when he’s going to leave he said to the girl that next time their meet, she should put the ring on it’s true place — on her left hand. Then he adds “Congratulations”.

After he leaves, the girl compared coffee with dark see and just wonders if it’d be better if she had submerged the ring inside the drink. And…If they meet again, will she do it?

Well…Basically it’s a common story. While the boy is still in love with her, the girl also with similar feelings. She wouldn’t that the boy knows about that she got married, but he knows her so well and caught her lying.
But no matter that the story is usual. As for me I found another treasure among trash. When I listen to this song, I believe that I have a freedom. And then I’ll be free not only in a dream, but also in reality. Cause I’m a human, after all…

The time for farewell will come soon
.The time for farewell will come soon



Yuri Yazikov

And then the God says: “You may steal human’s hearts” and then I stole yours